using ms-project ...part 1

the new interface

You are probably aware by now that the new Office 2007 is a radical departure from previous versions. Love it or hate it, the Ribbon interface that is the new look of Word, Access and Excel is here to stay. Speaking for myself, as an avid Access user, I love it and after the initial brief shock, I've found it to be a real productivity enhancer.

But, for all you fans of the old Microsoft Project look, I've got good news: it hasn't changed! Project hasn't followed the rest of Office with the Ribbon interface. In fact, with Project 2007, you almost can't tell that you've changed versions.

getting started with projects

As I've said, the new Project 2007 is not much different from the old Project 2003. Most of the basic functions are exactly the same and all the training you got on the older version is still valid.

So, to avoid repeating everything I've already said, I'll simply refer you to the previous tutorial for all the introductory work. Then, in these tutorials I'll introduce some of the improvements that have been made to the software and I'll show you how to make use of them.

In case you missed it, here's the address for the previous tutorial:
Microsoft Project Tutorial

To get you started with a fairly simple application that you can play with and modify as much as you wish, just download the following file:
Systems Analysis Project

And if you mess it up completely, you'll have learned something and you can simply download it again and start over.

The first thing to do when you open the project file is to adjust the Project Information from the Project menu.

The sample project was constructed using the techniques studied in the tutorial mentioned earlier. It is suggested that you build the project yourself and then compare to the sample.

In the next lessons we'll look at the new features that have been added to Project 2007. Once you've done the basic setup of the project, you can then insert the improved features to add some really useful functionality.