the in-basket exercise ...part 3

the sample in-basket

In this section we present a sample In-Basket exercise so that you can become familiar with the format.

doing the in-basket exercise

All the documents you need are in Word 2003 format. To simplify the download the documents have been compressed into a .zip file. To use it you must first extract all the documents. That is normally done by simply hitting a double-click on the file name and then choosing Extract to a folder on your C: drive.

Don't worry - all files have been thoroughly checked for viruses with Trend Micro PC-cillin.

To download the files, click on Practice In-Basket Exercise.

There are several background documents, a sample situation with sample answers, the 6 situations for the exercise and a sample answer booklet. We apologize for the fact that the Financials are not available in Financial Statements format at this time.

After reading the tips in the previous section, read the background documents.

Then, try the sample situation and study the sample responses, comparing them to what you have answered. Hopefully your answers are closer to those in Sample Response 1 than Sample Response 2.

You are now ready to start the exercise.

To simulate the actual testing conditions, you should allow yourself 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the practice exercise. Budget your time appropriately. Allow yourself approximately 20-30 minutes to read the instructions and background materials. The rest of the time should be spent handling the various issues. There are 6 situations presented in this practice exercise. Each situation presents 2 to 5 separate documents related to a similar issue or theme.

Allow yourself approximately 10 minutes to respond to each situation. The situations are identified as follows: Situation 1: Item 1 of 5. This informs you that there are 5 items in Situation 1 and that you are on item 1.

Good luck!

final tip

After the test you can't take anything away with you. When you come out of the exercise, write down everything you can remember about it while it's still fresh. It may be a few weeks before you find out if you passed or failed. If you failed you can probably take the test again in six months. And it will probably be the same test, so everything you can have to prepare for next time will be of great help.


We can't give you the correct answers here because there are no correct answers.

The scorer would go through your answer booklet and mark where and how you addressed each of the competencies being evaluated. How you demonstrate that you master the competencies will determine if you pass or fail the test.

And please don't ask us to score your practice exercise for you!

Hope this helps. Good luck in your career!